Our Connections

Our Connections

Terwillegar Community Church

Terwillegar Community Church (TCC) is our mother church. This church has been heavily engaged in the Terwillegar Towne communities but has also recognized that there are more communities that need faith based resourcing.

TCC was established in April of 2003. It is a vibrant church with many children and young people. The building is used as a Community Centre to host many community events.

At the heart of TCC is the DNA to be a church planting congregation. The 5 growing communitues of Windermere are in need of a church presence prompting TCC to launch a new church. Southwest Community Church was launched by Terwillegar Community Church on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017.   We are grateful for their vision and generosity to SWCC. 

Visit TCC website for more information.


North American Baptist Conference

Southwest Community Church is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference of Churches and takes an active part in supporting the ministry whose mission is “to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally.”

Visit the North American Baptist Conference website for more information.


Alberta Baptist Association

Churches in the North American Baptist Conference gather together in local associations. This association is driven by a Kingdom perspective which acknowledges and celebrates the fact that making disciples is a responsibility that goes far beyond the activities of our local church. We believe that faithfulness to Christ's commission means that helping a sister church make disciples is part of carrying out Christ's commission at Southwest Community Church.

Visit the Alberta Baptist Association website for more information.